IMG_6293We are Chloë and Eloise, sisters, dentists, facialists, mom’s to Frankie, Georgie, Ted and Niamh,  food lovers and home makers. Our site is aimed at giving you exactly what you need and how to get it.

As well as sharing the same parents and profession , we also share the same interests in food, health, design, wellbeing and a desire for a calm a life as possible.

Life is so hectic these days and trying to fit everything in can be very stressful, looking after children , social calendars, work, after school clubs , trying to be healthy, looking good, cooking, planning. Sometimes it’s ok to just chill out and not sweat the small stuff so much and take a deep breath.

What the doctors ordered has been created and naturally evolved from our successful facial aesthetic clinic which Chloë founded after years of specialising in aesthetics. Eloise shared the same treatment ideals and expertise so it made sense to work together to offer this unique experience to clients.


The aim of The Chloë Edit is to break down barriers associated with these type of treatments, to achieve discrete, natural looking results in a spa like atmosphere. Our reputation spoke for itself with clients travelling from all over the UK and abroad.

Our clients became interested in other aspects asking us for advice on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise ,skincare so we decided to produce a holistic site offering tips, recipes, research, organisation , design and sometimes the odd random article just thrown in for fun.

As medical professionals we understand the importance of wellbeing and how to achieve this . It’s a multifactorial , complicated concept ‘wellbeing’ for instance the power of looking good can have a massive impact on how someone is feeling but that’s not the be all and end all . Our clients were coming to us because they felt better for seeing us so what else could they do to feel good?

Chloë started researching the power of ingredients that could help to enhance wellbeing and became a champion for clean beauty leading to the development of her own 100% organic, free from all nasties, natural skincare line CLO CLO skincare with added wellbeing ingredients. Initially used in the clinic for our bespoke wellbeing facials it soon became a success and has now been launched online and become hugely popular in the UK and overseas.

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There’s not one answer which is why our site will hopefully act as a go to guide on how to enhance your wellbeing .

We’ll be sharing healthy recipes which will be based on easy to follow and affordable to everyone to make, some will be a nod to our oriental heritage and some will be dairy free and vegetarian . Eloise’s son Ted, aged 3, has a dairy allergy so she’s become a whizz at whipping up dairy free meals and puddings and Ted will be a regular feature as he likes to help out when he can.

We’ll be offering advice on medical issues, skincare and clean beauty as we specialise in this but also as Mom’s tips on how to juggle children with work, organise the home, planning and Chloë’s favourite decluttering and design.

Neither of us claim to be perfect, we’re not interior designers or cooks but we have realistic goals and try to live a healthy life when we can and provide a nice environment for our families.

Inspired by the success of the clinic we are joining forces again to bring you just ‘What The Docs Ordered”.

Chloë and Eloise x